Quiz: Coco Chanel: Queen of Fashion
Coco Chanel: Queen of Fashion
By: Nathan Chandler
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It's a rags-to-riches story that seems too crazy to be true. Coco Chanel ascended from wretched poverty to extreme wealth, and in doing so, she became one of the best-known women of the 20th century. How much do you know about Chanel and her adventures?

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Coco Chanel is mostly remembered for her contributions to what?
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Coco was her actual first name.
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Chanel became one of the most important women ever in fashion. Where was she born?
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Why did Chanel wind up at an orphanage run by nuns?
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Chanel left the convent life to take up which pursuit?
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Before she ditched the convent, what skill did Chanel learn?
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Chanel tried her hand as a cabaret singer. What was her voice like?
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After failing at singing, what path did Chanel chart?
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Chanel embraced life as a mistress. What happened in 1908?
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During her time with Balsan, Chanel became a licensed milliner, which is what?
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Chanel wanted to marry Arthur Capel.
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In 1913, what did Arthur Capel do to help Chanel's career?
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By 1919, Chanel was so successful that she was able to do what?
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In 1920, Chanel befriended which artist?
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Chanel became one of the best-known women in fashion. What was her personality like?
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After World War I, Chanel gained renown for using which material in her fashion?
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Chanel designed many of her clothes with what in mind?
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Chanel once claimed that she could dress every woman in which color?
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During her life, Chanel became addicted to which drug?
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In 1921, Chanel introduced her iconic perfume. What was it called?
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Chanel's dresses exposed which part of the female anatomy?
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She hung out with extremely rich people who could afford anything. How did Chanel feel about costume jewelry?
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What did Chanel do when the Nazis invaded Paris during World War II?
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Chanel was OK with anti-Semitism.
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What happened to Chanel after the liberation of Paris?
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Chanel lived until the ripe old age of 87. How did she die?
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