Quiz: Treat Me Right: The Cold Sore Quiz
Treat Me Right: The Cold Sore Quiz
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Cold sores can be a real nuisance. And since they're caused by a herpes virus, there's no cure -- just ways to get you through the latest flare-up. How much do you know about their cause and treatments?

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What is another name for cold sores?
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Cold sores are caused by which type of virus?
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What class of herpes virus is associated with cold sores?
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Which of the following is NOT known to trigger cold sores?
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How long does the herpes virus typically last?
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About how long does it take an untreated cold sore to go away?
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What kind of medication can shorten the healing time of a cold sore?
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Topical medications with which type of ingredient can help with cold sore pain?
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Popping or picking at a cold sore can do what to it?
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What type of compress do some people believe is helpful in treating cold sores?
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