What College Major Suits You Best?

Brian Whitney

What are you most curious about?

What kind of person would you like to work with?

Do you like to paint?

Are you good with computers?

Do you like to act?

Are you interested in filmmaking?

Are you interested in intellectual ideas?

What would you do if you saw a homeless person?

Are you interested in other cultures?

How logical are you?

What are you most likely to argue about?

Do you have a mind for science?

Do you like to figure out how to do things faster?

Who would you like to have dinner with from the past?

Do you have a good memory?

Would you lie to get ahead?

Are you patient?

How do your friends describe you?

What is one negative thing about you?

What would you like most?

What kind of lawyer would you be?

What job sounds the worst to you?

Would you like to work for yourself?

Your best friend is partying too much, what do you do?

Do you worry about your friends a lot?

Do you have strong morals?

Can good people do bad things?

Would you do a job you hate for a lot of money?

What would you be most likely to write?

What do you think of Machiavelli?

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About This Quiz

College means different things to different people. Some people go to college with the goal of preparing themselves to make the most money that they possibly can over their lives, and others go to school because they want to challenge themselves intellectually as much as they can and learn about something that really interests them. Then you have some people that just go because they aren't sure what else to do with their lives, and still, others go to socialize and party. But no matter what your reason to go to college is, you're going to have to declare a major. Some pick out their major as soon as possible, while others put it off until the last possible minute.

You're going to have a lot of options at pretty much any school that you end up going to. You might go for something like business, finance, sales or political science if you're into making a lot of money. You might decide to go for social work or nursing if you're into helping your fellow man. You could go for philosophy or English if you're into literature and finding the meaning of life, or you could go for art or theatre if you want to express your creative side.

But the question really is, of all the college majors out there, which one suits you best?

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