Quiz: How does color affect you?


What color is typically the most soothing?

While certain shades of light green and even pink can be soothing to some, lighter blue hues are widely believed to have a naturally soothing effect on most people.

How might you expect people to react if they spend time in a room with red walls?

Red is a color often associated with passion, anger, aggression and energy. It's no surprise that some salespeople paint their offices red — the color can help bring out their natural energy and assertiveness.

What color might be best suited for a room that gets a lot of natural light?

While white will bounce light throughout a room, it can be a harsh color to use in this situation. Dark blue won't take advantage of the room's light, while yellow can enhance the warm glow of the sunlight.

What's the best color or paint scheme to use to make a room look larger?

While plain white or beige can enhance the sense that a room is very large, using a light tone (light blue or smoke gray may work well) with a darker accent wall at the room's longer end can emphasize the size without making it feel vacant.

What are complementary colors?

Colors can be arranged using the color wheel, a model developed by Sir Isaac Newton in the 1600s. Colors that are closer together on the wheel are less complementary than colors that are far apart.

Which is the best use of a contrasting color in a room?

Contrasting colors can add strong focal points to rooms, but they're best if used with restraint. One or two key items in a strong contrasting color can give definition to an entire room.

Why do paint stores sell sample sizes of paint colors?

Natural light, incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs can all make a paint color look different. Painting part of a wall with a sample will help you determine what a color will look like in your home.

What's a good shade of gray to use in a traditional home with conservative furnishings?

In a traditional home, a light shade of gray is probably best. Use darker grays if you're selling a modern loft, and save shiny hues for accent pieces.

What shade do color specialists advise you make your computer desktop if you want to be productive?

Green doesn't cause a lot of eyestrain, so you can save your energy for getting work done.

What's a good color to wear to the gym?

Researchers have found that orange actually energizes you by increasing oxygen supply to the brain.

What color should a woman wear on a date?

The color of passion, of course — red.

What color should a man wear on a date?

Women won't respond quite the same way if a man dresses in the color of passion, so blue, which indicates stability, is the way to go.

What color is the visiting-team locker room at the University of Iowa's Kinnick Stadium?

Yep, visiting teams have to suit up in a pink locker room.

What's a good color to paint your office?

Blue is known to lower heart rate and promote calm and hopefulness.

What's another good office color?

Green is associated with money and reduces anxiety.

Which color is most associated with aggressiveness?

A 1999 study showed that NHL teams in black jerseys were assessed more penalties.

In some countries, white is associated with purity and innocence. What does it symbolize in some African and Asian countries?

In Ethiopia and China, for example, white is a color of mourning.

Chromotherapy is the ancient practice of using colors to heal. Which part of the body was orange thought to help?

Chromotherapy is still practiced by alternative healers, and orange is said to stimulate the lungs.

In a study involving different-colored placebo pills, which color pills did participants claim worked better?

Even though none of the placebos were having any effect, the study found that people thought the warm-colored pills were more effective.

What color streetlights are thought to reduce crime in some areas?

Blue-tinted streetlights are reportedly crime-stoppers.

One study found that being shown this color before an exam caused poor performance.

In the study, students presented with a red participant number scored about 20 percent lower than the students who got a green or black number.

Why is purple usually associated with wealth and royalty?

Back in the day, purple dye was difficult and expensive to make, so it was worn only by those who could afford it.

What color is the most fatiguing to the eye?

Yellow tires out your eyes because it reflects so much light.

What is NOT a good color to paint your baby's room?

Studies have shown that people tend to fight more in yellow rooms, and babies cry more.

There is a color called "drunk-tank _____" that is used to calm prison inmates.

The theory goes that Baker-Miller pink, otherwise known as "drunk-tank pink," is such a tranquil color that it's impossible to maintain violent behavior.

What shade do color experts say you should NEVER wear to work?

Gray connotes passivity and lack of energy, which is not exactly what you want to convey at the office.

Some weight-loss programs recommend eating from this color plate.

Blue is generally considered to be the least appetizing color.

In the 2004 Summer Olympics, the wrestling competitors were randomly given red or blue uniforms. Which color's competitors won 55 percent of their matches?

No surprise here that it was red. Fifty-five percent might not sound huge, but the researchers found that it was statistically significant.

A study by color expert Joe Hallock found that this color was the favorite of both men and women.

Blue was reported as a favorite color by 57 percent of the men and 35 percent of the women.

Which two colors showed up as the least favorite colors in the study?

Brown and orange were the big losers.

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