Quiz: Colors in Nature Quiz
Colors in Nature Quiz
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The natural world is full of color, everywhere you look! Do you have the vision to ace this quiz on colors in nature?

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What color are a juvenile zebra's stripes?
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What plant provides the primary component of colored newspaper inks?
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Which cells of the human eye are color-sensitive?
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How many colors are usually used to describe the visible spectrum for humans?
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What is the most common eye color?
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Which element gives turquoise gems their unique color?
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Light from the sun contains only the white and yellow color wavelengths.
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The blue appearance of Neptune comes from which gas?
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What is the least common natural hair color?
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Which part of the human eye is colored?
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What color are emu eggs?
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Why do flamingos have pink feathers?
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Which component gives human blood its red color?
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What animal can see the widest range of color?
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Which element makes amethyst stones violet?
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Tigers have striped skin under their striped fur.
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What color is a polar bear's skin?
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Dogs can see blue-violet and which other color?
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What color is insect blood?
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What is the wavelength range of the color spectrum that is visible to people?
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Which cells allow cephalopods like squid and cuttlefish to change colors?
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Which reptile has the ability to change colors?
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Which element gives Mars its red appearance?
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Why are clouds white?
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Why do specific breeds of chickens lay brown eggs versus white eggs?
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What color of blood do lobsters, snails and spiders have?
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Goldfish will lose their color if they are kept in a low-light environment.
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What is the term used to describe people with two different colored eyes?
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Which pigment is present in all green plants?
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