Quiz: The Ultimate Combination Locks Quiz
The Ultimate Combination Locks Quiz
By: Staff
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Combination locks -- the keyless lock on your gym locker or the more complex ones found on safes -- are a very effective way of securing your belongings without the risk of losing a key. You turn the dial this way and that way, and eventually the lock opens. Wouldn't you like to know what's happening inside the lock? Take this quiz to learn more about how combination locks work.

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The wheel pack design used in modern combination locks has been around for how long?
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The combination dial is attached to which of these?
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The tab that extends outward from a gear wheel is called what?
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As a gear turns, its drive pin is caught by another small tab known as what?
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Each wheel has a small gap in its perimeter known as what?
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Which of these is likely to have a locking mechanism with a fence?
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