Quiz: Cooking 101: Do You Know Your Stuff?
Cooking 101: Do You Know Your Stuff?
By: Becky Stigall
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Some of us can't even boil water, let alone put together a full meal. Whether you're a beginner or downright chef-like, try your hand at this fun quiz!

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What bread ingredient feeds on sugars and starches and makes bread rise?
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What might you add to your pasta water to flavor your pasta?
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Be careful how you handle chicken; it is a carrier of what bacteria?
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Giving your meat a spa day in a mixture is a ________.
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Boiling a raw egg for seven to ten minutes will result in what?
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You should add pasta to what type of water to make sure it cooks properly?
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What have you made if you beat some eggs and cook them in a pan with a filling?
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The term "au lait" means what?
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If something is served "au jus," it is served with what?
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What term refers to cutting food into small cubes?
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When you cook meat and/or veggies and strain all solids from the liquid, you have created what?
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When sugar or the sugar in some foods is cooked, it does what?
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What apparatus gives a convection oven the ability to cook foods more evenly?
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Most cooks suggest that pasta be cooked to what point?
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Adding a _____ of pepper to some recipes helps the flavor.
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Many people enjoy a ______ of whipped cream on their pumpkin pie.
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What are you doing when you drag your chicken through some flour before frying it?
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What would you use to add color and gloss to a pie crust?
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Which of these is a food that has been cooked, then mixed in a blender until it is smooth?
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What is the term for cooking something quickly in oil over high heat?
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When you cook a sauce over heat that is just high enough to make bubbles on the surface, you are doing what?
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What type of material perfectly conducts high heat?
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What do you get when you blend together butter and flour over heat?
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What have you done to your green beans when you immerse them in boiling water for a minute or two, then give them an ice bath?
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Cooking a raw egg for three to five minutes will give you what?
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What should you add to water when you're making poached eggs?
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What have you done if you crack an egg and pass the contents back and forth between the two halves of the shell until the white drains away?
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What do you do to bread dough to activate the gluten?
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What gives chile peppers their heat?
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Browning meat helps to create what?
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When you mix together oil and vinegar, you get what?
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If you combine flour and milk, you get what?
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The seed inside of an avocado is often called a _____.
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Steak should be prepped in what way before you cook it, so it cooks faster and more evenly?
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