Quiz: The Big Squeeze: Test Your Corset Knowledge
The Big Squeeze: Test Your Corset Knowledge
By: Staff
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Lace up! See what you know about history's most misunderstood undergarment.

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Which of the following words does NOT come from the same root as the word "corset"?
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What's considered the "ideal" body size for women in the Western world?
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What's the healthiest waist-to-hip ratio?
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What Greek island is considered to be the birthplace of body-shaping garments?
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What formerly panned foundation garment made a comeback in 2011?
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True or False: In the early part of the 19th century, it was commonly believed that women required corsets to support their naturally weak bodies.
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Which one of these is, historically, NOT an actual corset shape?
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Someone who wears corsets for extreme body modification is called a what?
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Genard's Disease, caused by chronic tight-lacing to the point that the wearer's internal organs shift lower or higher than they should be, is also known by what more medically-sounding name?
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Which material was NOT historically used to make corset busks?
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Which of these materials has been commonly used as corset boning?
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Which of these is a common reason for a man to wear a corset?
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Corsets in the 1920s often tried to do what?
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What pre-20th-century period saw a brief decline in corset use?
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Though they didn't use boned corsets to do so, approximately how many women bound their chest to disguise themselves as men so they could fight in the American Civil War?
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What year was the word corset first used, according to the Oxford English Dictionary?
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Why was it so important for Victorian gentlewomen to wear stiff corsets?
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Sandy Powell, who designed corsets for Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman in "The Other Boleyn Girl," also designed them for performers in what other movie?
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