Quiz: Could You Be a Forensic Examiner?
Could You Be a Forensic Examiner?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

We all love shows like "Bones," "Cold Case Files," "CSI," "and Law & Order" (dun-DUN!). Do you have what it takes to emulate the heroes of these shows and make it in the world of forensics?

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Are you squeamish?

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Do you channel your inner Sherlock?

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Do you believe in justice?

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Do you secretly feel like you'd have been a good mad scientist?

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Are you a night owl?

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Did you read Nancy Drew growing up?

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Do you always carry a baggie and a pair of rubber gloves?

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Do you like sifting through huge piles of documents?

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How good at making connections between disparate pieces of info are you?

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Can you get into the mind of a killer?

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Is it important to you to be in a growth industry?

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Are you OK with not always having all the answers?

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