Quiz: Could You Be a Military Officer?
Could You Be a Military Officer?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

If your first response to our quiz title was to snort derisively and think to yourself, “Of COURSE I could be a military officer! Only dummies get stuck as privates.” Well, we may have a thing or two to say about that. First, you have to prove yourself … so drop and give me 20!

These days, it’s awfully easy to make it into the Army. But it’s a different matter if you want to be calling the shots on the battlefield. Officers need substantial schooling and exceptional leadership skills to earn the respect of the men and women they lead into chaos. Do you even understand the process of becoming an officer? How many different paths can you take to officerhood?

Do you know exactly how much education officers need to qualify for the appropriate training courses, and how long those courses last? Can you pick up and leave at your commander’s whims, or do you have other professional duties that would make it hard for you to fulfill your obligations?

Because, see, officers are one of the linchpins of the entire military. If no one’s giving the orders, nothing’s getting done. In times of war or peace, that’s a recipe for a complete internal meltdown.

When the bullets start flying, you’d best hope that your commanding officers were paying attention during their training. It’s quite literally a matter of life or death. So Ten-Hut! Settle in with our quiz and see if you know how to transform yourself into an officer of the U.S. military.

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You must be at least how old to start on a path to becoming an officer?
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If enlisted soldiers are the basic employees of the military, officers are the _____.
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In colleges, there is a program that trains undergraduate and graduate students in key leadership skills to become officers. What's the name of that program?
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How long does it take to become an officer through the ROTC program?
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How many different paths can lead to you becoming an officer?
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True or false, must you have a four-year degree to become an officer?
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If you decide to become a full-time officer, what are the chances you'll be deployed to a combat zone?
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True or false, if you're an officer in the Army Reserve, can you live wherever you want?
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What is the name of the miltary's most famous officer training academy?
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How do you get into the highly competitive West Point Academy?
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If you choose the Officer Candidate School, you will become an officer after completing a ______-week course.
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What prerequisite is necessary before you become an officer through Officer Candidate School?
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An officer's _____ typically determines the path that he or she takes through the military.
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Military academy admission is ultra-competitive. What's one major benefit of making the cut?
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What are Army officer salaries like?
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You may be able to pursue a direct commission path if you have experience in which of the following?
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True or false, can enlisted personnel transition into officers?
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Army ROTC is divided into two parts, the Basic Course and the ____ Course.
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Officer Candidate School is rarely more than _____.
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True or false, is Officer Training School mostly just a bunch of class lectures?
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Enlisted personnel and warrant officers must have at least how many college credits before applying to Officer Candidate School?
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In the Air Force, Officer Candidate School is called _____.
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Air Force Officer Training School is broken into ____ phases.
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Warrant officers are personnel who transition from enlisted to officer thanks to _____.
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Officer Training School may last up to _____.
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What's one major focus in Phase Two of Officer Training School?
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