Quiz: Could You Cut It As a Professional Chef?
Could You Cut It As a Professional Chef?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Being a chef means having a lot of skill if only wearing one hat. A chef must be an artist, capable of entertaining with flavors. A chef must be a chemist, who can assess how long it will take for chemical reactions to take place in the kitchen. 

The chef must be a field marshal, who can rally his or her kitchen to work efficiently and to a high standard of quality. A chef must be a businessman, who knows that certain recipes will mean making a huge profit, while others mean losing money on ingredients, while perhaps giving the menu something to draw in curious diners.

You don't need to have all the specific skills down for us to determine if you could cut it as a chef. Many of these skills can be adapted from other professions and skill sets, so you may have all the abstract potential to be a chef, even if you've never so much as flipped a pancake.

Using our carefully devised questionnaire, we will catalog your latent talents, your personality type, demeanor, temperament, and basic potential. Once we have enough data, we will tell you if you could cut it as a professional chef. Take the quiz and find out!

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