Could You Cut It as a Middle School Teacher?

Teresa McGlothlin

How would you feel about going back to school?

What sort of middle school student were you?

If you had to teach an individual subject, which one would you choose?

How would you break up a scuffle in the hallway?

Which part of your schooling do you remember most fondly?

Are you comfortable talking about puberty?

Did you ever receive detention when you were in school?

Would you enjoy coaching a team?

What would you most want to instill in your students?

What kind of leader are you?

Do you have a problem with public speaking?

How would you discipline an unruly class?

Would you like to have children?

Are you easily angered?

Which book would you have your students read?

What is your current level of education?

What would you do in the teacher's lounge?

How would you spend your summer break?

Why would you want to be a teacher?

If you were not a teacher, what would you do at a school?

What sort of classroom pet would you have?

Which of your traits would make you a great teacher?

Did you graduate at the top of your class?

Which of your life skills is strongest?

Do you think you have a good sense of humor?

Which movie has the best teacher?

How would you reward your students?

Did you have a favorite teacher?

What do you respect most about teachers?

Which group did you belong to in high school?

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About This Quiz

Middle school is an important time in the development of a student's mind. For teachers, it presents a unique set of challenges that are synonymous with the age group. Unlike elementary school students, middle school students are around the very confusing and emotional age of puberty. With their minds on fire, it can be difficult to retain their attention and to hammer in the knowledge they need to succeed in life. 

Instead of examining your qualifications, we are going to see if you have the mentality it takes to become a middle school teacher. Can you handle the sass and confusion that comes with the age of your students? Step up to the blackboard and answer our questions like a classroom full of students is watching. After we see what you're made of, we will let you know if you can hack the middle school teacher's life. 

Whether you currently work as an educator or you're considering your future career, this quiz will help gauge your aptitude for delivering quality education to bright students with dynamic needs. Do you think you are cut out for it, or will you need to consider a different age group? Let's find out before it's too late! 

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