Quiz: If You Pass This Etiquette Quiz, You Might Be Able to Have Tea with the Queen!
If You Pass This Etiquette Quiz, You Might Be Able to Have Tea with the Queen!
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

The Queen of England is known for many things. For one, she is known for her strength and power. Two, she is known for her outfits and style. And three, which may be the most important thing, she is known for her impeccable manners and sticking to the protocol of what is expected of her (manners-wise) as the queen of a nation. 

Etiquette is defined as a code of behavior that is expected of one in social situations. And while we're not sure who created these set of rules, we know that it has been in existence for centuries, even if it has changed significantly over the years. Something as simple as mixing food on your plate or asking the queen how her day was can upset her or cause you to be thrown out of her home. But did you know that? Do you know the list of dos and don'ts? 

Will you impress the Queen over some tea and crumpets like the Obamas did? Or will it be off with your head for speaking out of turn? It's time to find out what your fate will be with this ultimate etiquette quiz. Are you ready to get started?

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