Could You Last in an Open Relationship?

Brian Whitney

How jealous are you?

Does the thought of your significant other being with someone else freak you out?

Do you go through your partner's phone sometimes?

Do you flirt a lot?

Do you check people out a lot?

Have you ever thought about a threesome?

Have you ever thought about bringing up a threesome to your significant other?

How often have you cheated in your life?

Do you often get bored with the same old thing?

Do you always follow cultural norms?

Would rather be single than cheat?

How many long term relationships have you been in?

How satisfied are you in the bedroom?

Have you ever had a friend with benefits?

If you loved someone but things were bad in bed, what would you do?

Do you feel trapped in your relationship sometimes?

How important is a good sex life in a relationship?

Does it make you feel bad when you break the law?

Have you ever placed a personal ad?

How many one night stands have you had?

Do you often feel awkward after you hook up with someone?

Are you good at communicating?

Have you ever loved more than one person at once?

Do you believe in soulmates?

Do you care what others think of you?

Have you ever hooked up with two different people on the same day?

Do you like thinking of watching your partner kiss someone?

Are you secure in the fact your partner loves you?

Are you ready to take on someone else's problems other than your significant other?

Are some things best left to the imagination?

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About This Quiz

In most relationships, if one of the people involved comes out and says that they want to have an open relationship, it would be the kiss of death. But every relationship is different, and nothing really is wrong when it comes to what a couple wants, as long as the people involved are honest with each other. 

An open relationship is a lot different than cheating. If you were to cheat, then you would be getting in bed with someone behind your significant other's back and lying to them about it, while if you are in an open relationship, you would be doing it while telling them all about it. In fact who knows, maybe they would be there with you while you were doing it!

Now before you go and ask your partner if they would be cool if you wanted to have an open relationship, there are a few things you have to think about. For one thing, they would be sleeping with other people too, and for another thing, they might dump you immediately when you bring it up, because to a lot of people the whole thing is just plain weird. Are you one of those people, or are you ready to be in an open relationship? Take this quiz to find out.

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