Quiz: Could You Pass a Police Entrance Exam?
Could You Pass a Police Entrance Exam?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Police officers have one of the hardest jobs in the entire world. They spend a lot of time doing nothing and sitting around; then they have to snap to attention and deal with incredibly stressful situations at a moment's notice. The decisions they take affect lives, not only their own but the lives of innocent citizens and even suspects, who are innocent until proven guilty after all.

When you take all of this into account, there is no wonder that police departments spend a lot of time making sure that their applicants for jobs are prepared, and one of the biggest things that people have to do to get the position is to pass an entrance exam.

How would you do on such an exam? It is hard to tell because first of all, the test isn't judging whether you are a good or a bad person, just whether or not you would be a police officer. What about you? Would you be more like Axel Foley from "Beverly Hills Cop," or would you have kind of a Dirty Harry vibe? Or maybe you just aren't cut out to be a cop after all. Take this quiz and find out where you stand. You have the right to remain silent about your results. 

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