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Recalling the feeling of something is called _______.

Sensory memory is when the feeling of something lingers with us. For instance, if you get slapped in the face, and you remember the pain the next day, that's sensory memory.

When something affects something else, there is _____ correlation.

When something affects something else, there is a positive correlation. This is part of correlation research.

Making a judgement based on what's already in your mind.

Representativeness Heuristic is the concept whereby someone makes a judgement based on what's already in their mind, as opposed to weighing the facts. The concept was developed by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman.

Which theory states that everyone on the planet is born with psychological needs?

The Drive Theory supports that everyone has psychological needs. These are instrinsic and we're born with them.

Which theory that states that reinforced behavior will be continued?

Instrumental Behavior is the theory that reinforced behavior will be continued. It also states that behavior that is punished is less likely to occur again.

Which is a symptom of mental illness?

Psychosis is considered to be a symptom of mental illness. Some would call the behavior of psychosis to be "madness."

What is the part of the mind that convinces a person to do what they want?

According to Freud​, the id is the part of the mind that convinces people to do what they want, instead of what is best. When you convince yourself to buy a fancy car when you're broke, it's your id speaking to you.

Which of these attempts to explain the cause of behavior and events?

Attribution theory is an aspect of psychological research which studies how a person will explain someone else's behavior. Their assessment will be based on both internal and external factors.

Which part of the mind is most capable of reasoning?

According to Freud, the ego is the part of the mind that is most capable of reasoning. It works to balance out the id and the superego.

Hostility is otherwise known as ______.

Aggression is any overt or suppressed hostility. This can be innate, or it can result from continued frustration.

What is the state of psychic tension?

Anxiety is the psychological term for apprehension or tension in the individual. This occurs in some forms of mental disorder.

Does attitude always match behavior?

Attitude is a psychological term, but Asch demonstrated that attitude and behavior don't always match. A bad attitude can still result in exceptional performance.

_____ depth cues allow us to determine depth using both eyes.

Binocular depth cues allow us to determine depth using both eyes. This is due to retinal disparity and convergence.

The brain and the spinal cord are part of which system?

The brain and spinal cord are part of the central nervous system. The central nervous system is important in the study of psychology.

What brain structure controls motor skills?

The cerebellum is responsible for controlling well-learned motor activities, such as driving a car or riding a bike. It's a brain structure that performs very specific tasks.

What theory supports conflicting cognitions?

Cognitive dissonance theory states that an individual​ can have conflicting cognitions. For instance, their voluntary actions can be out of line with their attitudes.

What is adjusting behavior to meet a group's standards?

Conformity is a psychological term referring to an individual adjusting their behavior in order to meet the standards of society. Whenever someone is very different​, they feel the pressure to conform.

Which psychiatric disorder is associated with sadness and helplessness?

Depression is associated with extreme sadness, helplessness, lack of energy and inability to concentrate. Depression is a psychiatric disorder, often treated with medication.

What is the doctrine that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance with natural law?

Determinism is a scientific doctrine that applies to psychology. It states that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance​ with natural law.

According to Freud, how many mental states are within us?

According to Freud, we have three mental states. These include the id, ego and superego. It's the ego's job to balance out the id and superego.

Brain waves are represented on an _______.

The electroencephalograph is an instrument that records brain waves. The electroencephalograph is important in the study of psychology.

What is the study of the origins of things​?

Etiology, also spelled aetiology, is the study of the origins of any phenomenon. It also looks at the causes of these phenomena.

An extrovert is which of the following?

Extroversion is characterized by being oriented to the outside world, instead of the inner world. The extrovert's interests lie mostly outside of themselves.

Who developed free association?

Sigmund Freud developed free association. It's a clinical technique of psychoanalysis.

Which theory explores the survival value of behaviors?

Functionalism is a school of thought developed by William James. It stresses the adaptive and survival value of a person's behavior.

What is the German word for "whole"?

"Gestalt" is the German word for "whole." This refers to our tendency to see incomplete figures as complete.

What do you call the prediction for how an experiment will turn out?

A hypothesis is a prediction of how an experiment will turn out. By the end of the scientific process, you'll see if your hypothesis was correct.

What personality trait is signified when energy is found from within, and not from the outside world?

Introversion is the personality trait exhibited by those who find energy from their internal world, instead of the external world. Introverts can sometimes be shy.

What do you call memory that is stored effectively in the brain?

Memory that is stored effectively is called long-term memory. These kinds of memories can be accessed for a long period of time.

Meaning is communicated through what?

Meaning is communicated through language. We gain meaning from within ourselves, from others and from the world at large.

What do you call a psychological pattern of distress?

Mental illness is characterized as a psychological or physiological pattern that is associated with distress. It is not part of normal development or culture.

Where is the seat of higher mental functions for humans?

The neocortex is the newer portion of the cerebral cortex. It has proved to be the center of higher mental functions in humans.

Which chemical carries information between neurons?

Neurotransmitters are responsible for carrying information across synapses between neurons. They're released by the neurons.

Who wrote "On the Origin of Species"?

Charles Darwin wrote the famous book, "On the Origin of Species." The book discusses the theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest.

What do you call a consistent pattern of feeling, acting and thinking?

Personality is defined by a consistent pattern of feeling, acting, and thinking. If you have a wild personality, you've probably been that way since you were a kid!

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