Quiz: Could You Pass Psychology 101?
Could You Pass Psychology 101?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Psychology is the study of our minds and emotions. As humans, we're rather complex beings, and psychology makes some sense of it all. Let's see if you can make some sense of this quiz!

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Recalling the feeling of something is called _______.
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When something affects something else, there is _____ correlation.
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Making a judgement based on what's already in your mind.
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Which theory states that everyone on the planet is born with psychological needs?
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Which theory that states that reinforced behavior will be continued?
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Which is a symptom of mental illness?
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What is the part of the mind that convinces a person to do what they want?
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Which of these attempts to explain the cause of behavior and events?
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Which part of the mind is most capable of reasoning?
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Hostility is otherwise known as ______.
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What is the state of psychic tension?
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Does attitude always match behavior?
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_____ depth cues allow us to determine depth using both eyes.
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The brain and the spinal cord are part of which system?
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What brain structure controls motor skills?
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What theory supports conflicting cognitions?
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What is adjusting behavior to meet a group's standards?
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Which psychiatric disorder is associated with sadness and helplessness?
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What is the doctrine that all occurrences in nature take place in accordance with natural law?
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According to Freud, how many mental states are within us?
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Brain waves are represented on an _______.
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What is the study of the origins of things​?
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An extrovert is which of the following?
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Who developed free association?
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Which theory explores the survival value of behaviors?
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What is the German word for "whole"?
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What do you call the prediction for how an experiment will turn out?
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What personality trait is signified when energy is found from within, and not from the outside world?
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What do you call memory that is stored effectively in the brain?
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Meaning is communicated through what?
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What do you call a psychological pattern of distress?
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Where is the seat of higher mental functions for humans?
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Which chemical carries information between neurons?
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Who wrote "On the Origin of Species"?
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What do you call a consistent pattern of feeling, acting and thinking?
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