Quiz: Could You Still Pass Middle School Biology?
Could You Still Pass Middle School Biology?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Biology is the science of life. Whether you're a biology pro or just a biology newbie, knowing the fundamentals is key to having a basic understanding of the world we live in. In this quiz, we're going to test your biology skills. When you succeed, you can finally rejoice that you know where your femur is.

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Who studies biology?
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What is the study of ecosystems?
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Mushrooms, yeasts and molds are what?
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How many systems does the body have?
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The cardiovascular system is otherwise known as the ______ system.
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Which system produces hormones?
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Who came up with the idea of natural selection?
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Global warming is caused by too much ______ in the atmosphere.
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Who came up with a method to stop foods from making us sick?
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What is it called when the DNA of an organism changes?
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What do we use to treat bacterial infections?
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What do you call creatures that only eat plants?
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How many blood types are there?
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What is one type of blood protein?
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Can your blood handle a new antigen?
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Which blood type is the universal donor?
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How many pairs of chromosomes do we have?
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How many cells does it take to clone an animal?
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Is the Great Barrier Reef alive?
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When was a live cell first seen through a microscope?
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What is the common cold?
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Bacteria are made up of how many cells?
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Which of these is an endangered species?
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Are all bacteria bad?
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Our immune systems fight with what?
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What was the first mammal to be cloned?
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Do we have more human or non-human cells?
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What is the possible explanation for a problem?
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Which of these speed up chemical reactions?
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What do we call the nonliving aspects of our environment?
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What is the name of the place where an organism lives?
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What is the source of food for a predator?
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What is it called when an ecosystem has reached its peak capacity?
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The circadian rhythm is based on a _______ cycle.
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Do humans have cell walls?
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