Could Your Dog Run the Iditarod?

Zoe Samuel

How fast is your dog?

How much does your pooch weigh?

What's the biggest person your dog could carry for a brief moment?

Does your dog like other dogs, generally speaking?

How many calories could your dog eat per day?

Would your dog be happy to wear little booties like the Iditarod dogs?

What sort of sponsor would your dog's specific type of cuteness attract?

It's all about the fans. What would your dog's preferred social media platform be?

How thick is your dog's coat?

Can your dog take initiative when they haven't been told what to do?

How obedient is your dog when you give an order?

How many words does your dog know?

How long did your dog take to get housetrained?

What is your dog afraid of?

Does your dog like other people?

Could your dog handle the wildlife out in the Alaskan wilderness?

Where does your dog sleep?

If you have to shoot at a bear to scare it off, how will your dog deal with the gunshots?

Does your dog like wearing little outfits?

Has your dog ever been injured?

Does your dog love going for multiple walkies in one day?

If you go cycling, can your dog run nicely to heel?

Does your dog have the strength to push through when tired?

Does your dog mind crowds?

How old is your dog?

What breed is your dog most like?

Where did you get your dog?

Has your dog ever run off for more than half an hour?

Can your dog adapt to new situations?

Does your dog have natural leadership quality over other dogs?

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Image: Zero Creatives / Cultura / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The Iditarod takes place every March and it's the most challenging dog race in the world! Named for the Iditarod River, the race began in 1973. It typically begins in Anchorage and goes all the way to Nome, which is almost 1,000 miles away, though there have been a couple of times that conditions were too mild in Anchorage for the race to begin there, meaning that it had to start in Fairbanks, which is further north.

It used to take about three weeks to complete the race, but these days, the dogs are healthier, the drivers are a little smarter and race times have been cut to about 10 days. All sorts of disasters and adventures have befallen the so-called "mushers" who compete, from having to resuscitate a dog using mouth to nose, to one musher stopping to help another who had broken their ankle. The last finisher always receives a red lantern to honor how difficult it is to finish the race at all.

Race conditions are typically very cold and fairly dark, meaning that the mushers must eat enormous amounts of food and be capable of navigating at night. The dogs must have the right temperament to complete the race, which varies somewhat depending on which position they race in. Would your dog make the grade? Let's find out!

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