Create an '80s Pop Playlist and We'll Guess Which Mythological Creature You Are

Ian Fortey

The radio says George Michael is coming on next. What song do you hope it is?

It's hard not to sing along with Journey. What's your number-one Journey tune?

Who rocked the hardest in the '80s?

Some of the best music in the '80s came from movie soundtracks. Which soundtrack hit was the best?

Pick your Poison... song.

Madonna became huge in the '80s. Which of her hits speaks to you?

Huey Lewis and the News completely rocked the '80s. Which hit was your favorite?

You can't deny the influence of Jon Bon Jovi in the '80s. Pick your favorite Bon Jovi hit.

They called Michael Jackson the King of Pop. Which of his '80s hits was your favorite?

You know who was awesome? Billy Idol. Pick your Billy Idol song!

Prince did some of his best work in the '80s. What's your favorite Prince song?

There were some really memorable all-girl groups in the '80s. Which was the best?

Which of these ladies made the most memorable '80s hits?

John Cougar Mellencamp has changed his name a few times, but which song of his endured?

One of the biggest rock bands of all time was Van Halen. Which of their songs was the best?

Cyndi Lauper was always fun. Which of her songs was the most addictive?

The '80s had more than its fair share of beastly tunes. Which animal-themed song was tops?

Def Leppard produced some iconic '80s rock. Name their best song.

The Boy Band craze really started taking off in the '80s. Which group did it best?

Guns N' Roses dominated rock in the '80s. Which of their songs was the greatest?

Rick Astley gave us the Rickroll. What song was his best?

Rap was just gaining popularity in the '80s. Which of these '80s rap songs was the best?

A lot of big duets came out of the '80s. Which one moved you the most?

Which iconic '80s single still gets you grooving?

A lot of '80s rock is about wanting to find the perfect someone. Which one of these tunes did it best?

The easiest way to tell if a song rocks is if it has "rock" in the name. Which of these really rocked most?

There's a weird link between '80s pop music and geography. Which tune takes you to music town?

Which Australian '80s band was rocking out the most?

British bands were huge in the '80s. Which band dominated the music scene?

What is the absolute best song of the 1980s?

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About This Quiz

Do you know what was great about '80s music?  Everything.  It was a heck of a decade.  "99 Red Balloons" and "Blame it on the Rain."  New Kids on the Block and Fine Young Cannibals. The powerhouse that is Rick Astley. Oh, it was a legendary time.  Some might even say mythological.  See what we did there?  Yeah, you see what we did.

When you dig deep into mythology you find a lot of interesting and diverse creatures, and in much the same way the '80s were chock-full of interesting and diverse pop songs. You can see how this is starting to come together. The more we know about your taste in '80s music, the more we can nail down just what beast from mythology really represents your inner self.  You might be surprised to see how your reactions to David Bowie and George Michael point you more toward werewolves and further away from griffins. Of course, there's only one way to get your final answer, to see with a scary degree of accuracy just what fantastic beast that never truly was is hidden deep in your musical soul. Take the quiz, get into your groove, and unleash your inner mythological beast.

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