Quiz: Create a '90s Rock Playlist and We'll Reveal Which Mythological Creature You Are
Create a '90s Rock Playlist and We'll Reveal Which Mythological Creature You Are
By: Teresa M.
Image: stock_colors/ E+/ Getty Images

About This Quiz

Get out your flannel shirts and your ripped up jeans! We're going to take a trip back to the '90s. From Nirvana to Ace of Base, the '90s pumped out the jams like no other generation or decade before. Put together a playlist of your favorite from back then, and we'll tell you which mythological creature you are at heart! 

The songs and artists you choose will tell us a lot about you. We might learn that you are creative or that you have excellent taste in music. But once we go below the surface of your choices, we'll know more about you that you could ever imagine, including the mythological creature you resemble the most. 

Throughout this quiz, we will ask you to add songs to your playlist that mean something to you. Which '90s songs make you want to party? Which ones make you want to take a nap? Think about the mood and the flow of your playlist, and your inner dragon or hidden mermaid will become clear. 

Make like Metallica and start shredding through this one. Then, your long unanswered question about your spirit mythological creature will be put to rest. Are you more of a pegasus than a unicorn? Only the music knows for sure!

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