Quiz: Create a Country Playlist and We'll Guess Which Mythological Creature You Are
Create a Country Playlist and We'll Guess Which Mythological Creature You Are
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Buddy Mays / Corbis / Getty Images

About This Quiz

What kind of country music lover are you? Do you like outlaw country? How about classic country, alt country or pop country? Your country music preferences can say more about you than you'd think. Love Patsy Cline? We bet you know a thing or two about heartbreak. Fancy Reba McEntire? We're guessing you're a sunny optimist.

Whether you prefer the cosmic American music of Gram Parsons, the country-tinged pop of Taylor Swift or the down-home Oklahoma grit of Merle Haggard, this quiz is for you! We're going to ask you to create a detailed country music playlist for a variety of moods and occasions, offering you a choice of country music songs from across the decades. 

After you've selected your favorite song or artist for each question, we'll use your answers to calculate your personality type, matching you to the mythological creature that best represents the country music genre you prefer. Like these creatures, country music comes from the realm of fables and legends, using symbolism, folklore and oral storytelling techniques to describe the more emotional aspects of life. The mythological creature you find in your results may tell you something important about a hidden aspect of your psychology.

Ready to find out what your country music playlist says about you? Let's play!

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