Quiz: Create an Engagement Ring and We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are!
Create an Engagement Ring and We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are!
By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Are you the type of girl who has spent hours (or years!) of your life dreaming of your engagement ring and your very own Prince Charming? Have you known since you were 8 that you wanted a 4-carat yellow diamond solitaire set in platinum? Or are you more of a rebel, with tastes that lean toward deep rubies or bright sapphires instead of the classic diamond? Don’t lie — we certainly won’t judge you if you’ve had a wedding-themed Pinterest board set up long before you even got your first kiss! After all, the average engagement ring costs $6,351 according to TheKnot.com, and with such a hefty price tag, it only makes sense that you’d spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect choice well before the time comes. Plus, you will be wearing it for the rest of your life as a symbol of love for your prince in shining armor.

But perhaps the most interesting part about choosing a ring that symbolizes your love for your future spouse is exactly how much the ring itself can say about who you are. And who better to look up to as symbols of “happily ever after” than the Disney Princesses?! Every one of us has a Disney Princess inside, whether it’s because we share a curious nature with Ariel, an introspective outlook with Belle or a heart full of kindness with Snow White. The list of positive attributes each of us share with these Disney heroines goes on and on. So, what does your dream engagement ring tell us about which Disney Princess you are? Does the setting of your dream ring speak to your humble nature, like Rapunzel? Or does the type of gem you want speak to your free spirit, like Merida? Does the origin of your diamond speak to your passion for nature and conservation, like Pocahontas? Or does the cut of the gemstone speak to your sharp, observant mind, like Belle? Or does the carat size of the ring speak to your big dreams, like Tiana?

Let us tell you which Disney Princess you’re most like based only on your dream engagement ring. We are experts at this stuff! Do you really need any more excuses to daydream about your perfect engagement story, ring included? You know you’re dying to tell us all about your dream ring, and we promise you will not be disappointed with your results! Take the quiz to find out!

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