Quiz: Create an Imaginary Life For Yourself and We'll Reveal One of Your Key Personality Traits!
Create an Imaginary Life For Yourself and We'll Reveal One of Your Key Personality Traits!
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Our personalities are made up of many different aspects, but there are usually a few key traits that rule over the others. While part of you might be too shy to give a public speech, the loyal friend in you might overrule your shyness to give your best friend's wedding toast. Our key personality traits often take hold of our lives and help to shape them. 

By creating an imaginary life for yourself, we think we'll be able to reveal one of your key personality traits. The way you respond to questions during the quiz will tell us which of your many characteristics tends to rule out the others. From an imaginary relationship to a few imaginary pets, the way you choose to build an alternative life can give away far more about yourself than you could have ever imagined! While we take a look at your new life, we will look for clues about your current personality. Whether your imaginary life is posh or quirky, is entirely up to you! 

Let go of your inhibitions for this quiz! Here, you can dream up any life for yourself that you can imagine. We're looking forward to seeing who you become! 

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