Create an Outfit and We'll Guess If You Really Want to Be in a Relationship

Talin Vartanian

Where would you like to go shopping today?

Which of these shoes would you wear on a first date?

Pick a lovely dress to wear for a party.

You would easily spend $100 on which type of jewelry?

Which of these phrases would you want to see on a T-shirt?

What kind of jeans should be a staple in everyone's closet?

Chilly weather calls for what type of jacket?

Choose a cute type of purse that will match your outfit.

How would you describe your sense of style?

Aside from jeans, what type of pants would we see in your closet?

Which of these patterns would you like to see on a tank top?

Which gemstone would make a pretty necklace?

Are you more of a hat person or a scarf person?

How about a beautiful watch to enhance your look?

Would you rather wear a graphic tee or a crop top to the gym?

Would you like a hair accessory for today?

How many pairs of flip flops do you own?

When building an outfit, what do you focus on the most?

Here, have a pair of sunglasses for your trip to the beach! Which will you choose?

Do you like to wear flannel shirts during the winter season?

Choose some socks to keep your feet warm.

Does your outfit need a stylish belt?

Which fancy skirt would you wear to a wedding?

What is something that you have way too much of in your closet?

Who is your celebrity inspiration when it comes to cute outfits?

Which of these fashionable cities would you like to travel to?

What is the best accessory to pair with a cute dress?

Do you like to match your makeup to your outfit?

Which of these hairstyles would match your overall look?

What type of dress would you wear to the Oscars?

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About This Quiz

A person's sense of style isn't just about their clothes, accessories or shoes. It's about how they want to express themselves to others. And this can go a long way when it comes to relationships, too, because other people may find you more or less attractive, based on your unique sense of style. So whether you like to dress up or down for romantic dates, this fashionable quiz is all about your stylish personality.

So what does your closet say about you? Well, let's start with colors. Does your wardrobe contain lots of bright and fun colors, or would we see more dark hues? If the latter of these two options is true, then you might have a sophisticated style with a strong sense of confidence. On the other hand, you might be outgoing, adventurous and bubbly, based on your bright color choices. 

Fashion is also about taking some risks. For instance, are you the type of person who would wear a floral skirt with a bright orange top? Or do you prefer vintage clothes that remind you of a particular era? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. We just want to know what your fun sense of style is like, so we can figure out if you're ready for a relationship!

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