Create Your Own Country and We'll Reveal Which European City You Really Belong In!

Zoe Samuel

How authoritarian do you like your government?

How pluralistic would you like your culture?

What culture do you like among your politicians?

Do you like the idea of having once been an empire?

Do you like the idea of having an untamed wilderness?

How much should your nation depend on involvement in globalization?

How genteel should your parliament be?

How flat do you like your landscape?

How reliable should your law enforcement be?

How corrupt should government be, generally?

How strong should the left wing be?

How strong should the right wing be?

How should the right wing in your country compare to the right wing in America?

How should the left wing in your country compare to the left wing in America?

What idiosyncratic industry should your country have?

Do you want a lot of tourism?

How much debt are you willing to lump onto your country?

How willing to obey the law should your population be?

With what sort of street crimes should your country have a problem?

What style of architecture should your nation be known for?

How powerful should religious institutions be in your country?

How easy should it be for citizens of your country to buy a gun?

What should your nation's greatest export be?

How would your country handle atrocities committed in its history?

Which American sport is closest to your nation's national sport?

What natural resource can your nation not do without?

How important is great music to your culture?

How important is great art to your culture?

How important is great architecture to your culture?

How important are legendary monsters to your culture?

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About This Quiz

No two nations are exactly the same. Every nation is shaped by its history, its natural resources, the size and geographical spread of its population, and the sorts of skills promoted by its universities. Some people believe politics drive commerce and commerce drives culture, but others think that culture drives politics and economics, or vice versa. The complex formula that amounts to the identity of a nation is difficult to sort out in a chicken-and-egg manner. This, however, refers to existing nations.

What about countries created from scratch? If you were endowed with the power to found your own nation, to set its laws, style its culture, and organize its industries, how would you do it? How would you locate the country, shape its geography, and structure its government? Would your nation be a totalitarian regime or a liberal democracy? Would this be a nation you would only want to rule, or would you want to live there as a common citizen?

Take this quiz, in which we have devised a series of questions that would make Thomas Jefferson's head spin. From your answers, we will distill which contemporary European you belong in! Start counting your frequent flier miles, because you're going to need them!

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