Quiz: The Ultimate Creating an Allergen-Free Bedroom Quiz
The Ultimate Creating an Allergen-Free Bedroom Quiz
By: Staff
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What sneezes, has a runny nose and teary eyes? You, when you have allergies! But you don't need to suffer, for you can reduce the allergens in your home and especially in your sleeping area with relative ease. Take this quiz and learn five ways to do this.

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It's springtime, the flowers are in full bloom and you're sneezing a lot. What could be the problem?
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Will reducing the allergens in your bedroom solve your allergy problems?
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If you can't keep Rover outside all the time, where should you put him?
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Which of these might contain pollen?
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Your husband wants to surprise you with flowers. What should he buy that would be least harmful to you?
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Can dead bugs cause an allergic reaction?
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What percentage of the population could have an allergic reaction to cockroaches?
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Why shouldn't you use over-the-counter chemicals to debug your home?
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Which of these are most popular among dust mites?
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How often should you vacuum your floors?
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How do you get rid of dust mites and allergens from your kids' soft teddies?
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What shouldn't you dust your shelves with?
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With regard to bedding and linens, what should you steer clear from?
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Why is it important to buy low-volatile organic compounds (low-VOC) products?
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What is considered the ideal humidity level in your home?
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