Quiz: The Ultimate Creative Painting Quiz
The Ultimate Creative Painting Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Creative painting can provide a welcome change from the standard approach. Take this quiz to find out what you know about creative painting.

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Why change your approach to painting?
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When using a stencil, why should you offload excess paint?
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How can you tell that you've removed all of the excess paint from your brush?
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Which of these is the proper method for painting with stencils?
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What should you do with a stencil after using it?
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Which of these types of flashlights should you use to create enlarged stencil designs?
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Once you have projected your design onto the wall with your flashlight, what should you do next?
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What sort of paint should you use to apply a lace pattern?
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If you're using lace as a stencil, when should you remove the lace?
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How should you secure a flashlight when using it as a stencil?
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When spray painting over lace, which of these methods should you use?
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What should you bear in mind regarding tissue paper techniques?
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Where should you go to purchase glazing liquid?
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Why should you crumble tissue paper before applying it?
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Which of these should you use to apply glaze?
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What is the difference between the way glaze looks when it's wet and when it's dry?
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