Quiz: Creature IQ: The World's Smartest Animals Quiz
Creature IQ: The World's Smartest Animals Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

At the top of the food chain, humans have long believed ourselves to be the brainiest life on the planet. But growing research shows we might have some competition—and that "intelligent" doesn't always mean what you think. Take our quiz to see how smart you are about the planet's cleverest critters.

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Alex, who showed he could identify more than 50 objects, was a famous talking member of which species?
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Which critters solve puzzles as well as a 5-year-old child?
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True or false: Elephants actually have really short memories.
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Koko, who became famous for learning sign language, is a member of which species?
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Which of these animals are known to recognize themselves in a mirror?
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A border collie named Chaser has demonstrated that he understands roughly how many words?
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True or false: Rats release other rats from cages just to be helpful.
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Other than brain size, which of these is considered the biggest indicator of primate intelligence?
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True or false: Chimps have better short-term memory than humans.
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What do bees use to alert other bees of nectar sources?
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True or false: Vampire bats share food.
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What do dolphins use to protect their snouts while foraging?
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Which animals have learned to avoid a German border where there was once an electric fence, even 20 years after the fence was removed?
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True or false: Some animals use baby talk, just like humans.
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Cockatoos are amazing at what skill?
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The Clark's nutcracker, an amazing treasure hider and hunter, is what sort of creature?
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Which bird, found in the American Southwest, fashions a bowl out of tree bark to use as a container for carrying honey?
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Which was the first animal found to be capable of following basic logical thinking: If A = B, and B = C, then A = C and C = A?
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True or false: Rats will give up food to avoid hurting one another.
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True or false: Pigeons can count as well as monkeys.
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True or false: Dogs can count as well as monkeys.
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True or false: Wolves count better than dogs.
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Which monkey has been recorded 'washing' sweet potatoes in salty sea water?
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True or false: Chimps have been using tools for thousands of years.
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True or false: Monitor lizards can count to six.
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True or false: Cats perform about as well as dogs on memory tests.
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Every bottlenose dolphin has a unique what?
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Hoover, a creature who could talk, using phrases like "Get outta here," was what sort of animal?
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True or false: Chickens possess surprising counting skills.
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True or false: Dogs are about as smart as two-year-old humans.
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Which bird's song has revealed "recursion"—the ability to create infinite new meanings by recognizing and building on grammatically correct patterns—a concept previously thought to be uniquely human?
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