Quiz: Yearning for Yarn: Crochet Quiz
Yearning for Yarn: Crochet Quiz
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About This Quiz

You might think of crocheting as something little old ladies do to pass the time, but this age-old and extremely useful art form has actually been enjoyed by people of all persuasions for centuries. In fact, men were the first to utilize crochet to make fishing nets! Indeed, crochet is about more than just making attractive afghans for the living room sofa. Lace, crocheted versions of stuffed animals, cell phone cases, baby shoes, headbands and bracelets are just a few of the one-of-a-kind gifts that crocheters get a serious buzz off making.

Crocheting is an often-addictive hobby. Unlike many crafty art forms like painting or quilting, it’s not terribly expensive because all you need is a hook and some yarn to get going. Crocheters often report that the activity helps them to de-stress, plus it helps with memory and concentration issues. In fact, a pair of studies found that crocheters reported reduced anxiety and symptoms of depression when they engage in the activity daily. One of the more popular crochet projects is a “mood blanket,” for which the crocheter completes a row or two a day at their own pace, choosing each time a color of yarn that reflects your current mood or attitude in life.

So if idle hands are something you simply can’t abide and you want to pick up an affordable, enjoyable activity, learn to crochet! You don’t even have to leave the house, since the Crochet Guild of America offers online videos for people of all ages and ability levels, including children!

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