Quiz: The Ultimate Crypton Super Fabric Quiz
The Ultimate Crypton Super Fabric Quiz
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What's faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive? These days, it's not Superman but Crypton Super Fabric. It works fast at preventing staining and is so powerful, it repels icky germs. So, get yourself comfy in an easy-chair (most likely made from the super stuff) and take this super quiz.

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What kinds of factors can play a role in the decay of fabrics?
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Until Crypton Super Fabrics came on the market, people would suffer from _____
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Craig and Randy Rubin, both from Michigan, began to develop Crypton Super Fabrics in what year?
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Within 15 years since its birth, the production of super fabrics had reached _____
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The original use of Crypton Super Fabrics was contained within what venues?
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Crypton Super Fabrics are known to be water-resistant. How long does this attraction last?
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Which professional fields are involved in the production of Crypton Super Fabrics?
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What are some of the chemical ingredients needed in the making of Crypton Super Fabrics?
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What components of Crypton Super Fabrics serve to decrease flammability?
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Which of these fabrics can undergo the innovative Crypton curing process?
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Crypton has developed its own line of stain-removal products. Do these work on regular fabrics, too?
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Which stain remover is recommended for nasty stains like beer and vomit?
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