Quiz: Cryptoquote Puzzles Quiz
Cryptoquote Puzzles Quiz
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Cryptoquotes are fun word puzzles, but how did these brain games get their start? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about cryptology and how to solve cryptoquotes.

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Cryptoquote word puzzles are spin-offs from what popular, hidden-message brain game?
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Cryptograms weren't always used for entertainment. In what war did the U.S. military first begin to use cryptology in its communications?
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What is the name for the practice of encoded writing?
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Someone who communicates in code is called a …
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The key to help you solve a cryptoquote is called a …
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Which Roman emperor created a cipher that is still used today?
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Which U.S. President invented the cipher wheel?
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Which branch of the U.S. military was the first to adopt the cipher wheel created by a U.S. President?
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Which of the following groups was established during the Civil War to create and decode secret messages by the U.S. military?
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Which infamous serial killer utilized cryptology to send newspaper outlets coded messages?
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What was the name of the cipher machine the Germans successfully used during World War II to transmit secret information?
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Which ciphers are most commonly used in cryptoquote word puzzles?
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True or False: When solving cryptoquotes, the author of the quote might help provide clues.
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Which best-selling book is credited with making cryptology interesting again for new generations?
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Which organization promotes cryptography as a hobby similar to chess?
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In which country must a criminal suspect turn over any ciphers if asked by police?
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What is the name of the cryptoquote puzzle that's nationally syndicated in newspapers?
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What is the term for analyzing how often letters are repeated in a cipher?
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Which popular American author wrote a short story that involved the use of cryptograms?
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