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Who wrote the "Necronomicon"?

The "Necronomicon" is credited to author Abdul Alhazred, who we can presume was both an Arab and quite mad.


In what form does Nyarlathotep typically manifest?

Nyarlathotep is usually seen as a tall Egyptian man who attracts many followers.


Who is Wilbur Whateley's father?

It was no human that fathered Wilbur Whateley. Yog-Sothoth was summoned to impregnate Lavinia Whateley.


What relation is the giant invisible horror that plagues Dunwich to Wilbur Whateley?

After Wilbur dies, no one is around to placate and hide the giant invisible monster that is somehow also his twin brother.


Where does Wilbur go to try and borrow a copy of the "Necronomicon"?

The librarian at Miskatonic University denies Wilbur's request.


What is the "<i>Unaussprechlichen Kulten</i>"?

Loosely translated to "Unspeakable Cults," it's a book of esoteric knowledge originally created by Conan the Barbarian author Robert E. Howard (within the mythos, its author is Friedrich von Junzt).


What position does Dr. Henry Armitage hold at Miskatonic University?

Armitage is the head librarian.


Who is the "blind idiot god" at the center of the universe?

Azathoth sits at the center of the universe grooving to a sort of dark cosmic Grateful Dead concert (there's a "flopping horde of amorphous dancers," annoying flute music and weird drumming).


What does Yog-Sothoth look like?

A collection of glowing spheres might sound fairly innocuous, but apparently Yog-Sothoth is very unpleasant to look at.


What is "the Black Goat of the Woods"?

Shub-Niggurath is the Black Goat of the Woods With a Thousand Young.


Where is Cthulhu imprisoned?

Cthulhu slumbers in R'lyeh, a ruined city beneath the South Pacific.


What happens when humans look directly at Cthulhu?

To look upon Cthulhu is to go insane. When he emerges from his tomb, people go insane halfway around the world.


What does Cthulhu look like?

Lovecraft described Cthulhu as giant green monstrosity bearing an "awful squid-head with writhing feelers."


Complete this couplet: "That is not dead which can eternal lie …"

Even death may die, implying that Cthulhu is still alive even though he's been asleep for "vigintillions of years."


Complete this sanity-testing phrase: "Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl …"

Ia! Ia! The correct answer is fhtagn!


What destroyed the civilization of the Elder Things?

The Shoggoths rose up and defeated their Elder Thing masters.


Dagon, a deep-sea deity worshipped by various loathsome beings, could be a separate entity or a different version of …

Mythos scholars suggest the sea god known as Dagon may simply be Cthulhu re-envisioned through Judeo-Christian belief systems by its human worshippers.


The people, native to Innsmouth, that worship Dagon are known as …

Even before they fully transform into Deep Ones, there's a certain "Innsmouth look" to Dagon worshippers.


How many legs do Elder Things have?

Elder Things have radial symmetry and have five legs.


What is the home planet of the Mi-go?

Yuggoth is a planet at the outer edge of the solar system.


A Mi-go travel agency marketing trips to Yuggoth for humans would suggest you book passage in what?

Mi-go transport humans through space in brain cylinders. They have to remove your brain from your body to accomplish this.


With what animal is Yig usually associated?

Yig's various forms are all snakelike in one way or another.


Who does Tsathoggua's bidding?

Tsathoggua commands a legion of formless spawn, weird oily things that can take any shape and are nearly impossible to defeat.


When the Great Old One Mordiggian is summoned, what happens to the surrounding area?

Mordiggian absorbs heat, so when he is brought forth, everything gets very cold. Which is really just an inconvenience compared to the part where he engulfs and dissolves the bodies and souls of his victims.


Where would you go if you wanted to visit the Plateau of Leng?

Leng's location seems to move from place to place, possibly because it is a dream realm or a nexus of different dimensions.


What kind of cult lives in Leng, according to the "Necronomicon"?

The cults of Leng devour human corpses.


You'll usually get some warning that Hastur is coming because you'll see the …

Hastur's arrival is associated with the Yellow Sign (which was created by Robert Chambers and later adopted into the mythos by Lovecraft and others).


How does the Great Race of Yith travel across massive distances in space and even through time?

Yithians can possess other beings, including humans.


What do the Yithians do with all the knowledge they gain from traveling across time and space?

The Yithian library is located in a city called Pnakotus.


What is the name of the play that drives viewers insane and is often associated with Hastur?

If you find yourself at a performance of "The King in Yellow," leave at intermission. It's the second act that drives you insane.


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