Quiz: Scientifically Speaking: Cuddly or Deadly?
Scientifically Speaking: Cuddly or Deadly?
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

In the animal kingdom, it’s not always obvious whether a creature’s appearance matches it’s personality. Take the platypus, for instance. It’s so silly-looking that it has to be harmless, right? Well, although an angry platypus encounter is unlikely to kill you, the seemingly innocuous- looking animal actually features a poison spike on its hind feet (males only). Perhaps the other animals made fun of it and evolution chipped in a helpful retaliation tool at some point, but no one knows for sure.

Chimpanzees are yet another example of the animal conundrum. They’re so ugly as to be adorable, plus they’re incredibly intelligent, so some have been trained over the years to provide much joy and entertainment to people who appreciate animals dressed as humans. Regular chimps, however, are most definitely wild animals, and are totally not interested in doing tricks on command. In fact, they can be pretty mean and aggressive if they think you’re infringing on their territory.

Animals, much like all living things, are given both a scientific name and a common name when they’re discovered (spoiler alert: scientific names often give away clues about the animal and its nature). Will these animals kill you with their cuteness or will they just kill you? Guess whether their scientific names describe adorable or deadly animals.

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