Customize Your Fast Food Order and We'll Guess Which State You Actually Belong In!

Jody Mabry

Do you want sweet or dill pickles on your burger?

What kind of cheese do you prefer?

What do you ask for on your burger that doesn't come with it?

What is your side?

What kind of a bun do you like your burger on?

Which condiment do you ask to leave off your sandwich?

Which condiment do you always want more of?

How do you prefer your lettuce on a sandwich?

Which meat option do you choose?

What is your drink choice?

Which flavor milk shake do you drink?

Which diet drink would you choose?

Which regular soda would you drink?

Which dipping sauce do you prefer for your nuggets?

Which secret menu item would you like to try?

Which is your favorite fast-food restaurant?

How do you take your fries?

Which breakfast menu item do you want for dinner?

Which unusual item would you like on your burger?

Do you make a custom cheese order?

Have you ever ordered a kid's meal for yourself?

What do you remove from a Whopper?

You want a Big Mac, but can't afford it. What do you do?

What do you want on your fish sandwich?

How do you like your chicken?

What vegetarian option do you prefer?

Where do you place your order?

Do you "dip" your burger?

Is there anything interesting you do with your fries?

What is in your value meal?

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About This Quiz

Would you like a sesame seed bun or a potato roll? Would you load a sandwich with veggies or double bacon? Customizing the mother of all fast food orders during this quiz will clue us into the state you live in! Sometimes, we don't even realize how much the region we live in influences our food choices, but it certainly does. Give us a chance to figure yours out!

This fast food quiz will delve a little bit deeper than the obvious things like living by the sea and liking seafood, or being from Montana and liking buffalo burgers. The way you pile on the cheese and the things you use as condiments are the details we are seeking. Our questions will take you into your own virtual fast food kitchen and put you behind the grill - or smoothie bar, as it may be. Your culinary choices will go a long way into helping us nail down your state! 

This quiz doesn't require you to wear a name tag or to wash your hands before returning to work. We just want to see what kind of fast food order you could put together in your deep fried dreams. Then, we'll figure out your state! 

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