Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Choosing Daily Skin Care Products
Fact or Fiction: Choosing Daily Skin Care Products
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Blindly selecting a cleanser and moisturizer could work out -- or it could leave your skin a complete mess. This quiz should help you narrow it down.

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If you have dry or sensitive skin, stick with the basics -- mild, unscented cleansers.
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Facial cleansers should always be soap-free.
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People with very dry skin should use foaming facial cleansers.
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Facial cleansers that include alcohol should also be avoided by people with dry and/or sensitive skin.
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People with dry or sensitive skin should use exfoliating products that contain salicyclic acid.
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Even if you have oily skin, you should moisturize every day.
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Moisturizers that contain alcohol can wreak havoc on sensitive skin.
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Some sunscreens use chemical means to block UV rays (like avobenzone or oxybenzone) and some are physical (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide).
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Cosmeceutical products, like vitamin-C night creams, are not a good substitute for eating foods with vitamin C.
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Facial moisturizers work by blocking water from escaping from your skin.
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People with oilier skin should keep an eye out for noncomedogenic facial products.
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You should stick with the same skin products year-round -- what works in the summer will work in the winter.
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If you're looking to rid yourself of wrinkles, products that contain retinol are your best bet.
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Some moisturizers contain synthetic humectants, which can exfoliate dead skin cells and trigger new skin growth.
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If you want to even out your skin tone, products with soy compounds could do the trick.
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If you're using a cleanser that contains retinol, you might want to avoid moisturizers with vitamin E -- they don't interact well.
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People with normal skin should use oil-based facial moisturizers with silicone-derived ingredients.
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No matter what other ingredients you seek out in a daily facial moisturizer, No. 1 should be sunscreen.
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