Quiz: Daniel Inouye: American Warrior
Daniel Inouye: American Warrior
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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Who needs Rambo when you have Daniel Inouye? He was part fearless warrior, part peaceful politician. How much do you know about the man who always went for broke, in both his personal and professional life?

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Daniel Ken Inouye was a U.S. senator for which state?
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Let's get this out of the way: how in the world do you pronounce the name Inouye?
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Inouye was the son of immigrants from which country?
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Inouye was a bright student. What did he decide to study at the University of Hawaii?
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What did Inouye plan to do with his college degree?
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He left college to fight in which war?
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World War II was a huge drain on manpower, so the U.S. eventually resorted to conscription. How did Inouye manage to avoid the draft?
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Inouye joined the 442nd Infantry Regiment, which was primarily made up of which people?
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What injury did Inouye suffer during World War II?
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Daniel's arm was nearly severed from his body, yet his now-useless hand was still gripping a live grenade. What did he do?
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His war wounds meant Inouye couldn't be a surgeon. He went back to school and studied which subject?
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Daniel's parents were sent to a Japanese internment camp during World War II.
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In the 1970s, Inouye was part of the Senate Watergate Committee, which investigated serious wrongdoing on the part of President Nixon's administration. How did Inouye behave as part of the committee?
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Inouye found great success in Hawaiian politics. How many elections did he lose there?
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As a politician, what sort of personality did Inouye exhibit?
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Inouye climbed to great heights in politics. At one point he was how close to becoming president?
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Inouye was incredibly popular with his constituents. How many terms did he serve in the Senate?
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What was Inouye's approval rating following his service on the Watergate Committee?
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Inouye was married to Maggie Shinobu Awamura in 1949. How long did their marriage last?
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Inouye demonstrated incredible bravery during World War II. When was he awarded the Medal of Honor?
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Inouye was the very first Japanese-American to serve in Congress.
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In the 1980s, Inouye was called upon to investigate which issue?
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Inouye was asked why he served in the Army in light of the fact that Japanse-Americans were ostracized during World War II. How did he respond?
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What was Inouye's political stance?
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Inouye served with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. What was special about the unit?
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When Inouye returned home from the war, a barber refused to cut his hair due to his Japanese blood. What did Inouye later say that he wanted to do?
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Inouye was a decorated war veteran. How did he ultimately feel about the Vietnam War?
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Following his ninth term in the Senate, what did Inouye plan to do?
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Daniel Inouye survived horrific battles and lived to the age of 88. How did he die?
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What were the great warrior's last words?
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