Quiz: The Dave Matthews Band Quiz
The Dave Matthews Band Quiz
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Dave Matthews Band has achieved a level of success most can bands only hope for. Are you a diehard DMB fan? See how well you can track the band's music and accomplishments through the years.

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When did Dave Matthews form Dave Matthews Band?
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Where was Dave Matthews born?
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What city was Dave Matthews living in when he formed the Dave Matthews Band?
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What instruments did the original members of Dave Matthews Band play?
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What Charlottesville, Virginia, nightclub did Dave Matthews Band play regularly in 1992?
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In November 1993 Dave Matthews Band released its first album on its own Bama Rags label. What was it called?
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What was Dave Matthews Band's first studio album?
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Dave Matthews Band received its first Grammy nominations in 1996 for what song?
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When was Dave Matthews Band's second album, "Crash," released?
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What song did Dave Matthews Band win its first Grammy for in 1997?
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On what Dave Matthews Band album does the song "Crush" appear?
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True or false: Butch Taylor has joined Dave Matthews Band onstage at live shows playing the trombone.
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Which of the following is NOT an official member of Dave Matthews Band but often accompanies the group in live performances?
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Which Dave Matthews Band album was the first to debut at No. 1 on Billboard?
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What is the name of the Dave Matthews Band fan association?
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Name that tune: "How she wishes it was different. She prays to God most every night. And though she swears it doesn't listen, there's still a hope in her it might."
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In October 2004 Dave Matthews Band joined artists including Bruce Springsteen, Ben Harper, Bonnie Raitt, Pearl Jam and REM on what tour?
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What is the name of the charitable organization founded by Dave Matthews Band?
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What actress appears in the Dave Matthews Band music video for "Dream Girl"?
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True or false: Dave Matthews Band member Boyd Tinsley released his own solo album titled "True Reflections."
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Which founding member of the Dave Matthews Band died in 2008?
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In 2003 Dave Matthews made his big-screen debut in what Disney movie?
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How many CDs and DVDs has Dave Matthews Band sold?
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After "Away From the World" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Dave Matthews Band became the first group in chart history to do what?
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The Dave Matthews Band ranks as one of the biggest ticket sellers worldwide of the past decade. How many tickets has the band sold?
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True or false: Dave Matthews is on the board of directors of Farm Aid.
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What is on the Dave Matthews Band logo?
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Which Dave Matthews Band album features the fire dancer as its cover art?
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Dave Matthews is part owner of an eco-friendly winery in Geyserville, California. What is the winery called?
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In 2010 Dave Matthews Band was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year for which album?
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