Quiz: Space Oddity: The David Bowie Quiz
Space Oddity: The David Bowie Quiz
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He melded music and art in strange and wonderful ways. How much do you know about David Bowie?

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Which Beach Boys song did Bowie cover?
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Bowie let fans vote to create the set list for a 1990 tour. Which song received the most votes?
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Bowie loved the emotional life of his character Ziggy Stardust, because offstage Bowie felt like what?
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In what year was Bowie inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
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Bowie married which supermodel in 1992?
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What was Bowie's first No. 1 hit in the United States?
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How many of Bowie's albums made the charts in 1973?
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Who co-wrote Bowie's hit song "Fame?"
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Bowie has sold roughly how many albums worldwide?
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Which scientist did Bowie portray in "The Prestige?"
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Bowie released his 1996 song "Telling Lies" over the Internet. How many copies did he sell?
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Bowie provided his voice talent for which animated show?
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With which musician did Bowie once share an apartment?
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Which musician appears with Bowie on "I'm Afraid of Americans?"
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Bowie created his electronic album "Outside" with which well-known musician?
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During a 2004 concert, a fan struck Bowie in the face with what?
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In 1989, Bowie paused his solo career to be a part of which band?
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What was Bowie's name at birth?
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With which musician did Bowie perform "Dancing in the Street?"
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A BBC TV program once interviewed Bowie as the founder of "The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty" to what?
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Why was Bowie's right eye permanently dilated?
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In 2004, Bowie had emergency surgery to treat what?
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In how many songs did Bowie's fictional character Major Tom appear?
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What object did Bowie send to a writer from Rolling stone to thank him for an interview?
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Bowie had the same birthday as what other rock icon?
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During promotion for which album did Bowie overdose on cocaine several times?
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In the music video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" Bowie is married to which actress?
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