Quiz: Deadliest Snake Quiz
Deadliest Snake Quiz
By: HowStuffWorks Staff Writer
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About This Quiz

Snakes have a bad rep, sometimes deservedly so. After all, certain species like the black mamba and king cobra can do serious damage to the average human. However, snakes like these are actually in the minority because of the 2,900 snake species that slither the globe, only about 375 are actually venomous!

Most people so get hung up on the perceived creepiness of snakes, what with their limbless bodies, fangs and forked tongues, that we fail to appreciate their many fascinating traits. For example, did you know that when a snake flicks his tongue he’s actually using it to smell the air? Anacondas and pythons are particularly impressive, as they can actually live for up to one year between feedings! Fascinating though they are, they’re still wild, unpredictable animals at heart, a truth that became all too obvious when a 32-year-old snake handler was tragically asphyxiated by his pet 8-foot python, which he had raised from a hatchling.

In many parts of the world it’s unlikely that you’re going to simply happen upon a venomous snake, but if you’re still skittish about running into one, consider staying away from tropical locations and instead relocating to New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland or Ireland because they are delightfully snake-free (so is Antarctica, but that sorta goes without saying). Indeed, most of the time, snakes want nothing to do with people, but can be dangerous when cornered. How well do you know these deadly snakes? Take the quiz now to discover your slithering serpent sense!

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