Quiz: Deadliest Wars Quiz
Deadliest Wars Quiz
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Whether by bullets, bombs, starvation or disease, wars kill humans by the scores. How much do you know about the deadliest wars in history?

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Which of the following conflicts had the highest number of casualties?
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In what year did the Chinese Civil War end?
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After starting in the year 755, how long did the An Lushan Rebellion last?
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Which of the following conflicts had the highest death toll?
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How many combat deaths were there in World War II?
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How many soldiers were wounded in combat during World War II?
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What are the conservative estimates of death tolls from the Taiping Rebellion, which began in 1850?
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Combined with natural disasters, what are the more liberal estimates of death tolls during the Taiping Rebellion?
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Thirteeth- and 14th-century Mongol conquests may have wiped out what percentage of the world's population?
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The Second Sino-Japanese War was part of which conflict?
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Which dynasty established itself over the Ming in the late 17th century?
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The Black Death, which killed tens of millions of people in the 14th century, may have been jumpstarted by which conflict?
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In what decade did American deaths in foreign wars finally overtake the total number of deaths in the Civil War?
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How many U.S. soldiers were killed in the course of World War II?
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How many Soviet soldiers were killed during World War II?
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With civilian deaths added, what was the total Soviet death toll in World War II?
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In which country did the Biafra War take place?
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What year did the Russian Civil War begin?
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Including civilians, about how many total deaths did the Chinese suffer during World War II?
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Which country did NOT join anti-communist forces against North Vietnam and its allies during the Vietnam War?
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How many soldiers died at the Third Battle of Nanking, which was just one of many battles during the Taiping Rebellion?
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Including both sides, how many soldiers went missing during World War II?
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Including civilian deaths, how many people died as a result of World War I?
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During the 13th century, how many people may have died during the Mongol conquests of Asia and Eastern Europe?
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Who started the Iran-Iraq War in 1980?
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How long did the Napoleonic Wars last?
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How many coalition forces were required to finally break Napoleon's grip on Europe?
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How many civilians died during the Soviet-Afghan War?
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What year did the African World War begin?
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How many military deaths were there on the North Vietnamese side during the Vietnam War?
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