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You have countless viruses swarming through your body, but your immune system (usually) keeps them at bay. How much do you know about deadly viruses of the world?

Viruses are infections that can infiltrate all forms of life.

That includes animals, bacteria, plants … and people.


When is the only time that viruses can replicate themselves?

And they can spread from organism to organism, sometimes wreaking havoc and killing en masse.


SARS is an acute form of which disease?

Small mammals can pass the virus to humans, which may then experience lethal reactions.


An enormous and deadly flu outbreak occurred right after which human-caused event?

The so-called "Spanish" flu piled misery on to humankind and added greatly to the struggles of the post-war era.


About how many people did the 1918 Spanish flu kill?

And some researchers say it infected as much as 40 percent of the entire world's inhabitants.


What was the mortality rate during the 2002-2003 Ebola outbreak in the Republic of Congo?

Catching the virus that year was a virtual death sentence.


What is the average mortality rate for Ebola in any given year?

Even in years when less lethal strains emerge, Ebola strikes fear into the population.


About how many cases of dengue fever are there annually around the world?

It's not contagious, but the mosquitoes that carry it are widespread in tropical regions.


How long can a person be infected with smallpox before detecting any symptoms?

Decades ago, people sometimes confused smallpox with chickenpox.


Which virus has caused more widespread epidemics (and pandemics) than any other?

The "flu" is such a common word that we often underestimate its potential for damage until it's too late.


Ebola outbreaks typically happen on which continent?

It most often originates in tropical areas of Africa and then spreads.


Variola major can cause which often fatal disease?

Another variant, Variola minor, can also be responsible for smallpox.


What does it mean if a virus is labeled as a "BSL-4" agent?

Biosafety Level 4 means an agent is extremely dangerous; viruses that receive the label are scary indeed.


How do human beings catch bird flu?

Most cases come from people who live near chickens.


What year did scientists first identify the Marburg virus?

Green monkeys imported from Africa caused outbreaks at labs in Germany.


What year was the last natural spread of smallpox diagnosed?

The ominous disease has killed (at minimum) hundreds of millions of people; effective vaccinations essentially eliminated the threat.


How many strains of Ebola has science recognized?

They are all named for regions in Africa; the deadliest is the Zaire version.


How many Angolans died from the Marburg virus in 2004-2005?

The mortality rate in that outbreak was 90 percent; it was the largest recorded Marburg outbreak.


Which infamous disease can be transmitted to humans through bites from infected animals?

Rabies used to be nearly always fatal but modern medicine greatly increases the chance for survival.


What happened to an American tourist who caught Marburg virus in a bat cave in 2008?

She lived, but the virus nearly killed her before she fought it off.


Thanks to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic how much did average life expectancy drop in the U.S. in a single year?

The virus spread to nearly half of the world's population and reaped lives by the tens of millions.


A rodent called Mastomys natalensis may give humans which awful disease?

The (rather cute) African rodent's feces can spread the virus to human victims.


What are the first symptoms of Ebola infection?

There's no known cure for this disease, which can cause rapid organ failure.


When was the last reported case of smallpox in the United States?

Three U.S. presidents (Washington, Jackson and Lincoln) all reportedly contracted smallpox but recovered from the illness.


Without treatment, about how long do humans live after being infected with HIV?

The virus causes immune system problems, letting other pathogens attack a human's health.


What types of organisms are famous for carrying hantavirus?

A widely-covered outbreak happened in the southwestern U.S. in 1993.


How are humans infected by hantavirus?

When the feces are crushed and become airborne, the virus can attack the human system.


How is the Crimean-Congo fever spread?

It is a type of hemorrhagic fever that kills between one and four people out of every 10 that are infected.


Researchers estimate that what percentage of West African rodents carry the Lassa virus?

There are as many as half a million cases of the illness reported each year, making it a serious problem for affected areas.


In extreme cases, how long did it take for some victims of the 1918 Spanish flu to perish from the disease's effects?

The virus was so deadly that it could kill people just hours after symptoms appeared.


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