Quiz: The Ultimate Deck Ideas Quiz
The Ultimate Deck Ideas Quiz
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How do you generate deck ideas? You want form, function and fashion with a new home deck. So deck out and check out this breezy deck-ideas quiz.

Outdoor decks are as popular as they were in the days of The Waltons; they're both attractive and useful for leisure hours.

While other factors may also come into play, the most common determiners will be the site, style of home, one's personal taste and budget.

The deck needn't match the exact color tones and materials, but it should definitely conform to the mood, style and tone of the home.

Using this to your advantage, you make the home attractive by building the deck on a different level, either on a step down or over a cascade of levels.

Building an on-grade deck is usually a headache-free task. It's close to the ground and looks great with single-story abodes.

PVC is impervious to decay, which is vital when an on-grade deck is situated close to the ground.

Yes. Wooden decks are often successfully built with attractive combinations of masonry and stone.

Even the most multi-platformed multi-level deck will look uniform with similar shapes, railing and bench design.

The most effective ways to indicate different levels would be to put well-positioned planters and seating arrangements in place.

Plexiglass makes a good safety barrier for kids, while allowing you the feeling of openness and space.

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You want to build a deck with an unobstructed view of the scenery beyond, but your two-story home is situated within an area of trees. What can you do?

Build yourself a multi-level deck, if necessary, that allows you to reach a level that is higher than branch-level.

A deck effectively gives you a true home extension, because you can build it right up to the exterior of your home.

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Which of these railing ideas introduce a hi-tech feel to your deck?

A tubular railing design is a great way to introduce a hi-tech feel to your deck.

There certainly is. Don't get alarmed by the claustrophobic feel of narrowness; you can simply add on angular popouts.

Don't give up -- chances are that you can construct an ample-sized deck just by using every available space, even if you need to sandwich it between the fence and your house.

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The most practical deck has _____

For sheer practicality, multiple access points are ideal.

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With regard to architecture, American homes have been inspired by Roman and Greek designs since _____

Since the 1700s, Roman and Greek architectural styles have inspired many American buildings.

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What is a hallmark of Southern Colonial mansions?

Southern Colonial mansions were hallmarked by colonnades, reminiscent of Roman times.

The "Craftsman" style refers to a fashion from the early 1900s that used craftsmanship to create a mood of simplicity, beauty and honesty.

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They often boasted large fireplaces and small windows.

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