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Making your home look fresh and new does not require a lot of time or a deep wallet. Refinishing your worn-out coffee table, changing the color of your couch or redesigning your dining room chairs are all low-budget, do-it-yourself projects. Take this quiz and find out how you can make your home look fresh with simple and fun home projects.

What is an easy way to spruce up your living room?

An inexpensive slipcover for your couch is an easy way to change the look in your living room. Also consider purchasing some nice throw pillows to finish the look.

How can you easily redesign your dining room chairs?

It may sound complicated, but it really isn't. Create a desired pattern on the back of your chairs and then carve the pattern into the chair using drill bits.

How can you create a new look for old couches without resulting to reupholstering?

Consider this unique and inexpensive idea -- paint your couches using fabric paint. Slipcovers are also a good alternative to reupholstering.

How can you use decoupage for redecorating your home?

Bring out your crafty side! Try cutting and pasting different patterned fabric onto the legs of a table or try cutting and pasting different images onto your wall for a nice mural effect.

How can you spruce up a coffee table?

Are those nick marks and scratches on your coffee table getting to you? Consider refinishing the top with tile for a unique and trendy look.

How can you redecorate your lamps?

Once upon a time your lampshades may have looked trendy and new. Try buying a variety of different lampshades for a set of lamps to create a new and unique look.

What type of lighting can you use to create a different atmosphere?

Transform a work space into a party space by simply changing your lighting. Try uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting and silhouetting.

What kinds of kitchen knobs are readily available in hardware stores?

Most hardware stores carry a wide selection of kitchen knobs. Peruse down the kitchen hardware aisle and see the vast selection for yourself.

How can you make your storage solutions conducive to your home decor?

Storage spaces in your home don't need to look cluttered. Consider buying storage containers that add to your home decor, or when all else fails, hide your storage space with nice curtain panels.

What is one way to complete a new look or design in a newly redecorated room?

You've just finished redecorating a room. But, before you're truly done, consider replacing the switch covers in the room to finish off the new look.

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