Quiz: Decorate a Cupcake and We'll Guess Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song
Decorate a Cupcake and We'll Guess Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

In life, there are few things cuter or sweeter than cupcakes and Taylor Swift! Let's take a trip to a local bakery and make your own batch of cupcakes. The way you mix the batter, bake them, and decorate them will help us to guess your favorite Taylor Swift song accurately. How will we do it? Well, it's a little-known fact that a lot of Taylor's lyrics are about cupcake toppings. Now, you get to see for yourself! 

People might say you "got nothing in my brain" about you, but you know it's far from the truth. Just because you love everything pink and unicorns make you happy doesn't mean you are an airhead. In fact, it takes a lot of confidence to "Shake It Off" and live life your own way. 

Rather, it takes a lot of courage to decorate a cupcake your own way. Only in our "Wildest Dreams" could you make some perfect icing roses, so knowing how you would make a cupcake your own will go a really long way in identifying which Taylor Swift song speaks to you the most. 

Do you prefer cinnamon and sugar or marzipan and nuts? Your tasty decorations will tell us exactly what we need to know to tell us which Taylor Swift song you call your very own! Let's find out if we're right! 

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