Decorate Your Childhood Bedroom and We'll Reveal Which Continent You Should Be Living On

Teresa M.

Did you have a lava lamp?

Did your childhood room have a theme?

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal?

Did you put anything on the ceiling of your childhood room?

What would have been more likely to have been on a poster in your room?

Did you have bunk beds?

Were you afraid there were monsters in your room?

Which word would you use to describe your current bedroom?

Did your childhood room have polka dots?

Who decorated your bedroom when you were in your teenage years?

Which animal did you like most as a child?

Was your childhood room messy or was it tidy?

Did you do you homework in your room?

Did you have a television in your childhood room?

What kind of curtains did your childhood room have?

Did you share a room with anyone?

What kind of shelving did your childhood room have?

Where did you store all your toys?

What floor of your home was your childhood room on?

Did you have an attached bathroom?

How would you decorate a child's room now?

What influenced your child decorating style most?

Did you use a nightlight?

Which modern toy would you have had in your childhood room?

Did you have a favorite blanket?

What continent do you think you would be best suited to live on?

Where did you stash your secret things in your room?

Where was your bed placed in your room?

Did you have any rugs in your room?

Did you have a desk in your room?

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About This Quiz

Your earliest tastes in decorating will tell us more about you than you probably want us to know! We promise to keep the good stuff to ourselves, but we will tell you what continent you should be living on!

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