Decorate Your Christmas Tree and We'll Guess What Holiday Movie Best Describes Your Life

Mark Lichtenstein

Did you steal any of the decor on your tree?

How tall is the tree?

If it's real, is it pine or fir?

If it's fake, is it green or silver?

Is there tinsel on the tree?

How about candy cane?

Do you include candles?

Do you use all matching ornaments, or a mishmash?

Do you have any ornaments with sentimental value?

Do you call them ornaments or baubles?

Do you treat your tree to keep the needles on longer?

When do you put the tree up?

When do you take it down?

Do you use lights on the tree?

Blinking lights or steady lights?

White lights or colored lights?

How many strings of lights?

What's the diameter of the tree?

What's on top of the tree: angel or star?

Is there anything religious-looking on the tree?

Do you put presents under the tree from days before Christmas?

Is the tree on a stand or in a bucket?

Is the tree in the living room, stairwell, dining room, or elsewhere?

Where did you get the tree from?

How much is the tree?

Do you get any new ornaments each year or are they all older?

How old is the oldest ornament on the tree?

Did you make any of the ornaments?

What is the dominant color among the ornaments?

How much time do you take to decorate your tree?

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About This Quiz

Christmas trees tell us a lot about the people who decorate them. Are they feeling stressed about the holiday? Are they having a great time? Are they improvising a plan? Let's take a look at how you do it.

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