Quiz: Decorate Your Dream Home and We'll Guess Which State You Grew Up In
Decorate Your Dream Home and We'll Guess Which State You Grew Up In
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

No matter how far life takes you, you'll always remember the place you grew up. Even third-culture kids whose military, diplomatic, or other multi-moving parents took them from place to place typically have a home (or two) that they see as being the most real one, the one that informed their idea of what home is. 

There are rhythms to a place, and being at home is about knowing what they are and being comfortable. You might be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where you started; you might have gone native in just about every way, but you could still slip right back into the place you called home.

That means your idea of a dream home will usually reflect some deep-seated ideas about what a home should be like. If you're from the coldest reaches of the far north, you'll appreciate a fireplace and probably a nice sloping roof, even if you never need the first for warmth or the second for shedding snow. If you're from the deep South, you might appreciate a covered porch as a good outdoor room to enjoy. 

Tell us about your ideal home, and we'll see how much of your original home still lingers in you - and from that, we'll figure out where it was!

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