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When you plant grass seeds, how long does it take from planting till sprouts appear?

Within three to four days from the time of planting grass sprouts being to appear.


How long does it take for grass to fully grow?

It takes only 10 days for grass to fully grow and become ready for display.


What sort of potting mix is recommended for growing grass?

You will need a fast draining mix, like cactus mix, for grass growing. Before planting you should place some mesh at the bottom of the pot to help the water to drain.


What grass is good for growing indoors?

Rye grass grows well indoors.


After planting, how should you water your grass?

Gently moisten your grass with a mist spray after planting to maintain a moist environment for your seeds. Also before planting, it is important to wet the soil so your seeds will start to grow in a wet environment.


What factor should you consider when choosing a container or planter for your grass?

As a design element, grass can be very versatile. Choose a container that matches the style of your home and the grass will help to enhance it. For example, use a rectangular or hexagonal container for a modern look or a Grecian urn or carved planter for a more traditional look.


You may get creative and use tea tins or lined wicker baskets as planters. What must you remember if you use a creative planting method?

Whether you are growing a few seeds in a small container or a whole packet's worth in a large container, remember that grass needs moisture but doesn't like to be wet. Adequate drainage is a must!


Where can you place your pot of grass to ease the transition between outdoors and indoors?

Place your grass near glass sliding doors to allow it exposure to sunlight and fresh air, easing the transition into the indoor climate.


Where should you look for the latest style planters?

A boutique garden store will generally have the latest style planters.


Which of the following is practical way for you to arrange your grass as a table centerpiece?

A row of small grass pots adds an interesting effect, but does not obstruct conversation or take up space on the table.


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It is likely that you see grass every day -- on your way to work, in the park, when you go for a jog or even on your way to the supermarket. If you want to see how simple it is to decorate your home with grass, have a go at this quiz and see how.

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