Quiz: The Ultimate Decorating with Grass Quiz
The Ultimate Decorating with Grass Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

It is likely that you see grass every day -- on your way to work, in the park, when you go for a jog or even on your way to the supermarket. If you want to see how simple it is to decorate your home with grass, have a go at this quiz and see how.

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When you plant grass seeds, how long does it take from planting till sprouts appear?
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How long does it take for grass to fully grow?
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What sort of potting mix is recommended for growing grass?
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What grass is good for growing indoors?
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After planting, how should you water your grass?
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What factor should you consider when choosing a container or planter for your grass?
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You may get creative and use tea tins or lined wicker baskets as planters. What must you remember if you use a creative planting method?
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Where can you place your pot of grass to ease the transition between outdoors and indoors?
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Where should you look for the latest style planters?
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Which of the following is practical way for you to arrange your grass as a table centerpiece?
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