Quiz: Deer and Elk Hunting Quiz
Deer and Elk Hunting Quiz
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Hunting is as American as apple pie and baseball, but there’s a seriously good chance that you know more about baseball than you do about hunting woodland creatures such as elk and deer! They’re creatures of grace, creatures of majesty, and you, dear hunter, are a creature of insatiable curiosity. This quiz is going to test your smarts.

Most people don’t realize that hunting greatly contributes to conservation in this country. Not only that, but animals that are hunted in the wild today provide supplies of meat and other helpful materials such as pelts. Because they eat a natural diet and roam free, they offer more nutrition and calories for us, as well as our families. And that’s not all, hunting teaches precision, patience, skill, and intuition. Let’s keep this great tradition going by delving into the subject more.

Different kinds of hunting are popular throughout the world, but elk and deer are two of the most common animals to hunt in the great USA. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg! There are birds, waterfowl, moose, beaver, caribou, bison, bighorn sheep . . . the list is endless. But breathe and relax, we’re only quizzing your deer and elk knowledge. Lock and load.

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