Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Defensive Military Tactics
Test Your Knowledge: Defensive Military Tactics
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War ain't easy. And it's not for dummies. Field commanders need a lot of smarts to figure out which military tactics to use and when. Perhaps you're familiar with some of the classical military maneuvers, such as the feint, flank, penetration and pincer.

Military strategy and tactics stretch back to the start of human warfare and the development of large governments and empires. Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.E.) of Macedonia is one of the earlier military strategists, focusing his efforts on planning, communication and supply, security and the use of surprise. During the Middle Ages, Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire (1206-1368), the largest on Earth. The Mongol Empire covered more than 10 million square miles at one point, or about 20 percent of all of the land on the planet.

Napoleon I birthed the age of modern warfare, which included the creation of a rudimentary general staff. More recently, men like George S. Patton were hailed for their military smarts, Patton being famed for helping liberate Western Europe from the Nazis.

During all of this time, changes in weaponry and other technology necessitated constant changes in strategies and tactics. Just in the last century alone, there were debates as to whether airpower alone could win wars, how best to use amphibious power, and how to strategically leverage the new and devastatingly powerful nuclear weaponry. Today, terrorism is a popular military tactic among smaller powers.

Ready to test your military tactic savviness? Then take the quiz!

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